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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

He LOVES me!!!!!

Tonight Awesome Guy said he loves me!!!!!! I feel like nobody in the whole world could have meant it more... ever. Other than my daughter, he is seriously everything to me. I thought I loved Audrey's dad, and I seriously may have, but now it's hard to remember. A little piece of me will probably always love him, or who he used to be, a little, but it al seems so foggy now. I love him! I can't stop thinking about him!!!!! Also, every song that comes on when we are together is perfect for the moment, its like a soundtrack to our relationship, its creepy sometimes. Anyway, I am going to obsess over the fact that HE LOVES ME!!!! see ya later!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


          So you know when they say when you meet the right person, you will just know? Well I know. I love Amazing Guy and I am positive that he is the man that I will marry. He treats me better than I ever imagined someone could treat me. We actually have healthy arguments, instead of knock out drag out fights. He won't tell me that he loves me because he is too nervous that he will say it and not mean it, but I know he does. If you could see the way he looks at me, and the way he holds me, you would be positive, too.

          I tell him all the time, "You know, I'm gonna marry you, right?." But the funny thing is, this song by Colbie Callait always comes on when we are together. It's called "I Do",  and I listen to the radio all day and never hear it. Also, this time of year is when all the wedding conventions are... so all day I hear wedding convention commercials and jewelry store commercials and it's just hilarious to me.

          But he says he wants to date someone for a year, and have a year long engagement, which all sounded great to me. I am now thinking I am not so excited about this. I mean' I don't want to marry him right now... but I don't exactly want to get married right now, but I don't really know if I want to wait 22 more months. I can see why a year long engagement makes sense, it takes FOREVER to plan out a wedding, at least it would for someone as meticulous as I am. I think when you are absolutely certain that you want to marry someone and you are fairly sure that they will say yes when you bring out that pretty little ring, then you should do it.

          I tell him that I love him all the time because I never want people guessing how I feel about them, you never know when you're gonna go... I would hate for someone I loved not to know it if I died tomorrow. But it's adorable because we catch ourselves planning out what we want our wedding to be like and he seriously asked me the other day where I would want to take our honeymoon. Also, he told me that the engagement ring he gives the girl he will marry (i.e. me), will be his mother's engagement ring... but he told me I could pick out my wedding band. Well yesterday a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to run a couple errands with her and help her have a yard sale. I agreed, but the first errand we ran was going to the jewelry store to have a ring her mother gave her re sized. I was looking around and noticed this pretty wedding band that had a diamond every quarter inch or so. I jokingly sent him a picture of it and said, "I found my wedding band!" I thought he would freak out a bit, but instead he was trying to figure out which ring in the picture it was. I had to explain that I was kidding (well... mostly kidding) but later that night he asked me what jewelery store it was that I saw it. I secretly did my happy dance in my head...

Humpty Dumpty Had A Great Fall

         So, sorry I havent been on in a while, life has been wild. I work constantly. And I am completely crazy about my boyfriend so I spend every extra second I have with him. but the other day I fell down the stairs carrying my daughter to bed and landed on her head. I was so scared and nervous that I didnt even realize how bad I knocked up my body. But I would like to take a minute to brag about my amazing boyfriend.

         I was hanging out with one of my friends and decided that my daughter was really fussy and should go to bed. I got her ready to go to sleep and we headed downstairs. Then I slipped about 2 steps down and fell/rolled all the way down and over the side and landed on my baby's head. I just started screaming for my friend to call the hospital. Then I remembered that I had let the babysitter keep the car seat. I called my boyfriend and asked (well begged) that he bring one of his sister's kid's car seats. He didnt know what was going on but he did. My neighbors came over and checked her out, told me what signs to look for as far as concussions and broken bones, and tried to help calm her down. She didnt until we were at the hospital.
Amazing Guy had to take the kids back home, but came immediately back.

          He stayed at the hospital from about almost 9 until about 3 am. He took great care of me. On the way back to the room we were going to be in, he told me that I should tell them he is my husband or fiance or something so they will let him stay with me and Audrey. When I had to put the hospital gown on, he didn't look. He is so  amazing and treats me with respect. I haven't had someone that respected my body in a very long time.

          They wanted to get some X-Rays and a CT scan of Audrey's head. When they finally came for us, they wanted us to both do it at the same time so they said "Dad, or boyfriend, or whoever you are, we would like you to take the baby for her scan." Neither of us tried to correct the nurse. (To be honest, I sometimes wish Amazing Guy was Audrey's dad. Not that her dad doesn't love her more than anything, but Amazing Guy has more time for her and he is responsible, and caring, and loves her... all the things you want in a baby daddy, just sayin) So he took her to get the scan and when I got back from my million X-Rays they were there waiting for me and I was greeted with a kiss from my man and my baby in my arms.

         So we went back to the room and waited for our results and Amazing Guy kept the baby awake (because we still didn't know if she had a concussion) because she was on my stomach and I couldn't see around to make sure she wasn't sleeping. I decided that I am absolutely in love with him and I will marry him. Seriously guys, I can't let go of him. You can't have him, I feel like I finally get to be treated well. I stil don't think I deserve someone THIS awesome. But he says he doesn't know why I like him this much.