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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I tasted something WONDERFUL!!!!! Also excuse my mess while I remodel...

       Ok so I wanted to tell you guys about something epically awesome that I tried the other day. It is called "Better than Sex Cake." No, seriously. It's super easy and really yummy. Basically you make a German Chocolate cake and poke holes in the top. Then, pour condensed milk all over the top. Next, pour caramel over all of that deliciousness. Now, top it with whipped cream and sprinkle chopped Heath pieces all over it. MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm! It is great and seems awfully simple.

       Next on my agenda, I made a veil for my best friend's wedding. I think it turned out pretty well, but I didn't know if I should post pictures and a tutorial. I just thought I'd ask if you guys were even interested.

       I have decided to do a big remodeling project on here and try to blog on a semi normal schedule. Also to have some weekly or monthly thematic posts. I would ask what you think, but I don't usually get a whole lot of feedback so I will just assume that it was a unanimous and resounding agreement.

       One last thing, if you know me in my personal life, you know that I have a real problem with paying for anything without a coupon or some sort of deal. I am definitely not an extreme couponer, but I would definitely say that I am a FAN of couponing. I mostly think that it is socially irresponsible not to try to get the most out of our money. Anyway, my fiancee and I regularly complete surveys online to get things like gift cards and Microsoft Points. It kind of pays for the things that don't fit in our budget that we still really want. One of the sites I like to hang around on is called Influenster. It is a neat place where you can find product reviews, or write your own. But they give you badges for different things. Like, being a mom, or a bride-to-be, or a gamer. Things like that. They just did a massive overhaul of their site and they are a lot easier to navigate. One really cool thing they do is send out these boxes, called VoxBoxes. They are filled with new products to test. I was an idiot recently and got a new phone and neglected my email, my blog, and basically my laptop in general. Since I did this, I missed out on getting one of the precious VoxBoxes. I felt like a lame. Well, that is really how I generally feel, but this amplified it. Basically what I'm saying is.... get over there if you are interested, and check them out. They give you achievements, and who doesn't love earning achievements??