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Monday, December 3, 2012

College VoxBox 2012... it has arrived!!!

So I got this wonderful box full of stuff the other day, and I am just so excited to tell you guys about it. I previously talked about Influenster. It is a neat site that occasionally, depending on participation, sends out VoxBoxes (themed boxes of free stuff). The one I just received was college themed. It contained an awesome Pentech pen, tropical NECCO wafers, cute imPress press on nails, Sheets energy strips, and NYC eyeliner. Since "full-price" is pretty much the f word in our house, getting a box of free stuff rocks. I feel like a dork, but I think my favorite thing I got was my pen. It writes purple, which is right up my alley, because it is almost traditional, but just a little off. Anyway, here is a picture and a video of me opening it!